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The Philip Rauch Center for Business Communications (RCBC) provides curricular support to the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College of Business and Economics. The late Philip Rauch, a prominent member of the Lehigh University's Class of '33, established the RCBC in 1981 throught a generous contribution.

The RCBC focuses on the traditional modes of business communications, such as writing technique, rhetoric, and oral presentation. It also coordinates efforts with the Undergraduate Center and other University services to develop students’ additional professional skills, including presentation, listening, networking, and professional working skills. All these skills better prepare students for today’s global environment.

The RCBC also provides support for business communications and professional development in core courses for undergraduates, including:

BUS 001-Introduction to Business coordinated by Professor Steven Savino. BUS 001 – Introduction to Business, a three-credit, required course in the undergraduate program, is available in the Fall semester. This course provides an introduction to business, emphasizing critical issues impacting the business world, such as globalization, technology, ethics, and diversity. It provides an overview of the various functional areas of business and how they fit together.

BUS 005 - Values Based Decision Making for Business coordinated by Professor Matthew Melone. BUS 005 - Values Based Decision Making for Business is a one-credit, required course in the undergraduate program. This course provides an introduction to the foundations of business integrity and explores the role of individual decisions and ethics in business. Students evaluate cases and ethical issues they are likely to face in business.

Excel Competency program - coordinated by Professor Joseph Manzo. This program covers the analysis and presentation of data in the context of business. The Excel Competency is a prerequisite for various core courses in the undergraduate curriculum.

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